SKY Binary Art
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Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1W7

Phone: 416.648.8803
Toll-Free: 1.800.493.6218
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Why To Choose Us

1. Truth
We tell the truth. This might seem inconceivable in today's marketplace, but we always fess up to system problems and our plans to fix them. This is not always flattering, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If other companies don't do this, they are doing you a large disservice.

2. Customer Focus
We are different from other companies because of our customer focus. SKY Binary Art is focused on customer needs from the design of the software through its delivery. Customer focus means delivering self-service based on existing customer processes, without custom code. Customer focus means comprehensive customer input into new product design. Customer focus means exceeding customer expectations.

3. Price
We are the price leader in the marketplace. When we founded the company, there was a large dichotomy of pricing all over the Internet for essentially the same services. We built our pricing structure based on the computer industry pricing structure. Since we launched, we have not had a price increase. We are truly the reliable and low cost web service provider.

4. Simple
Our services are easy to understand. We don't offer a lot of expensive bells and whistles that are 'cutting' edge and difficult to support. We understand what we do, and we support new products when we've made them easy to comprehend.

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